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1. r u virgin?
-“I’m not prude. I’m just highly selective.”

2. ever been 2 south argentina
-tbh no

3. ever been to tjhird base with male or transvestite (pick one0)

4.ur mom yay or nay?
-most of the time yay

-yep, @bridgetanndunn

6. do u watch ahs, oitnb, boobs burgers, or bms?
-nope, but I plan on watching ahs

7.r u a naughty boy?

8. is urt printer a color printer? :o

9. i love u !!!
-thx bb

10. marry me/ yes or mabe!!
-yes. 💍

11. do u ahave spoitify
-yas I do
1. Favorite tv show?
2. A country you must visit before you die?
3. Why did you join tumblr?
4. Marvel or DC?
5. What is the movie that you got most emotional over?
6. Have you ever been to a concert(s)? If so, who?
7. Are you regularly texting your crush?
8. What is one thing you must do before the summer ends?
9. Gotta bæ? Or nah?
10. Favorite viner?
11. 1D or 5SOS?
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I want a comic about a nice and friendly hero with severe anxiety. They constantly obsess about being the best hero they can be and never let anyone down that its gives them panic attacks before the big fights but they still manage to go out and fight the good fight. Someone who stays up at night picturing all the small and big bad things they’ve done and they decide the only way they can redeem themselves is to save the world.

Tony. Stark.